Houston Money Week 2019-March 30 – April 6, 2019

Houston Money Week-

(HMW) is a community wide initiative to empower families and individuals with financial education.  Through the collaboration and coordinated effort of organizations across Houston and surrounding areas – including businesses, financial institutions, schools, libraries, non-profits, government agencies and the media – individuals of all ages will have access to financial resources and ongoing opportunities.

Since 2008, HMW has empowered families and individuals to be successful in making better financial choices through free financial education. Held each April, our programming reaches thousands of individuals from all walks of life, bringing them the information and resources they need to make sound financial decisions. Our program goals are achieved through the collaboration and coordinated efforts of organizations across Houston and the surrounding counties. HMW partners — businesses, financial institutions, schools, libraries, non profits, government agencies and media outlets — come together to emphasize the importance of financial education, inform consumers where they can get assistance, and provide free seminars and activities. These events are open to all demographics and income levels, but focus primarily on serving low- and moderate-income populations — those most impacted by financial crisis.